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ASMR cleaning at Biquini Wax

Eternal Telethon!


River of Change/Family Carousel

24 hour Donut City sculptures, Sally Spitz for ForYourArt

Touchable Donut Installation by Sally Spitz for ForYourArt's 24-Hour Donut City

Touchable Donut Installation by Sally Spitz for ForYourArt’s 24-Hour Donut City

Customize your own.

Paper maché donuts by Sally Spitz. Photo by @bettinakorek

’24 Hour Donut City,’ held at ForYourArt in conjunction with Christian Marclay‘s ‘The Clock‘ returning to LACMA, featured work by Sally Spitz, Kenny Scharf, and Josh Atlas. Design your own 19″-36″ diameter custom donut: e-mail sally@foryourart.com ! 🙂

The Expressionistas – A new collaborative project by Sally Spitz, Trenton Szewczyk & Christine Wang

Photo by Rhea Tepplim

From Press Release for ‘Big Dick$ $uck Money” at Sax Etc.

1464 W. Temple Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90026

on April 16, 2012

An event that also featured performances and screenings by Gustavo Herrera and Kenneth Tam

“Sally Spitz, Trenton Szewczyk, and Christine Wang will debut at 9:00 as the all-star power group, The Expressionistas. Demolishing the barrier between performer and spectator, between compartments of the psyche and body, the trio explores the complexities of sexual desire, self loathing, and mortal terror. Falling and failing somewhere between cabaret and music video, these self-styled anti-repression, id-warrior divas aim to exorcise this gathering of all psychic tensions, or perhaps multiply them.”

Amy and Wendy Yao’s Art Swapmeet 2012 – “Nippy Bucket Fight Club” w/ Christine Wang

Documentation courtesy of Son Vo