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ASMR cleaning at Biquini Wax

Eternal Telethon!

DEC 18: French Vanilla, Girlpool, Wizard Apprentice play a Benefit show w/ Mark Hoppus (blink-182) DJ’ing


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French Vanilla in ‘All The Instruments Agree’

Live at The Hammer Museum 9/26/15

Fast forward to 15:00:00 to see FV

MUSIC VIDEO: French Vanilla – Social Trappings

Rice Blessing at RAID, 4/4/15

Performance Themes: internalized homophobia expressed as magic

“From limp-wristed poofs to ppl with balls and nuts, heteromorphosis is a spell that transforms gay boys into straight white trash thugs…”

By Sally Spitz and Trenton Szewczyk

By Sally Spitz and Trenton Szewczyk

French Vanilla at The Echo 5/17

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Vaginal Scroll (2012) painting by Sally Spitz

"Vaginal Scroll" (from Carolee Schneeman)

“Vaginal Scroll” (from Carolee Schneeman)

French Vanilla Live Footage – Youtube Playlist

French Vanilla zine *xxclusive sneak peek* ;-)

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